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NOIR - á la mode toujours, Black- in fashion always

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

While deciding a dress, what all do we expect from ourselves and the dress???

Don’t you have the following in mind: I want to look slim.

I want a dress which accentuates my body.

I want to look elegant and chic. I want to go for a flattering colour. I want a dress which I can carry at different occasions. I should not look underdressed. I should not look overdressed.

You can encompass all these with the exquisite collection from the designer @rinku.sobti , whose high imagination and creativity has brought forth exclusive styles to rule the trends. Here I bring the wardrobe’s essential of a woman of any age and taste...A BLACK DRESS.

If you don’t possess any, go and grab one and if you have , then time to add second, third even fourth cos Always remember, NOIR - á la mode toujours , the ones who don’t understand French, for them, Black- in fashion always.

// Rinku Sobti x kochharsisters Outfit : @rinku.sobti Location : @thepicturedestination

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