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Hello Friends

This is my first blog where I want you to know me better , so that we have a pleasant journey

ahead together.

My name is Ankita Kochhar. I belong to a close -knit family with very humble background

residing in a small town named Bareilly.

Story of a small town girl with big dreams sounds very clichéd -I know , but if you can, then trust

me, mine is different because I am not only a dreamer but I am someone who believes in working for it till I achieve it.

As a teenager, I realised my love for Fashion. Soon, Love turned into passion because when I experimented with Fashion , it inspired me more, and when I found people surrounding me,

addressing me as Ms. Fashionista, I was super happy and excited.

Wow!! My passion for fashion had made me a trendsetter.

This wasn’t it, it went a step beyond when family and friends started inviting me to go shopping

with them. Boo-yah!! I was their Personal Shopper or you can call me ‘ Personal Stylist.’

This was enough to cement my high spirited, confident and positive attitude that further helped

me graduating in flying colours from NIFT Delhi with a Masters Degree.

This was One side of me, the other side urged me to extend a helping hand and get connected

to the ones in need.

When asked, I often describe myself as Ankita with 5Cs ; Confident, Curious , Creative,

Compassionate and Committed.

Using these traits of mine , I satiated the other self and became a co founder of an NGO named

TYCIA (Turn Your Concern Into Action).

I always believed that there are two ways of spreading light -I tried to be the candle while

working as a Co founder and now I wanted to be the mirror that reflects it - through

Kochharsisters , a wondrous venture.

I love to talk , get connected and make friends , so it was my way to blogging and styling.

Thanks to it, I found a way to chronicle my life, my travels, my experiments with Fashion, the clothes and many more adventures.

Through Kochharsisters, the fashion enthusiast in me could put various fashion ideas into action

and help the ever growing community of followers and supporters.

Thanks to them, Today, I am decently recognised in the fields of fashion, digital and social media.

I collaborate with selected, hand picked brands for their promotion as Brand Consultant and Digital Influencer to introduce their brand to new audiences.

Why only, selected, not all those I come across???

For a simple reason, I believe in being brilliant, being myself, being different, committed and

ready to do unbelievable things with the blessed uniqueness .... so how can it be for anyone or


I believe in curated selection.

So friends,

live life laugh with life,

love life & learn from life!

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