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Celebrating Inktober

October is the month world plays with the Ink !

Inktober began in 2009 thanks to an artist who refers to himself as Mr. Jake Parker . Jake says on the Inktober website that he started Inktober as a way of challenging himself to improve his ‘inking skills’ and as a way of ‘developing positive drawing habits’.

If you are a pen artist who is looking for motivation or someone who just wants to give it a go, Inktober is the perfect month for you! In this blog I will tell you what Inktober is and showcase the works of the artist and designers from Desizn Circle , New Delhi .

Introducing Mr.Melvin , Product designer , NIFT New Delhi

Check out his amazing works !

The second artist I am going to introduce is Mr. Shivam , Knitwear designer from NIFT Mumbai . Brilliant with human illustrations and contemporary art ! Check out his art for the series Inktober .

And finally I am going to introduce you all with Mr. Nerzher , mechanical engineer and product designer from Chandigarh .

His art and concept will make you awe stuck ! check out his works .

Some informations taken from the website :

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