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Fun Paints with Colorbar

Hello !

Here comes another blog. I can say that today’s shopping was completely value for

money. I can remember what a learned man once said, “Penny saved is penny


My latest shopping is of stunning nail lacquers from the brand - COLORBAR.

I feel it is a nice way to pamper oneself, especially one’s hands. The colour on your

nails can simply uplift your mood and make you feel taken care off.

I like Colorbar not only because it provides a comprehensive assortment of products

but also offers superior quality at an affordable price. It has a complete array from

stunning makeup ranges and nail lacquers to fantastic skincare creations

So, no matter who you are, you’ll be able to find beautiful makeup, skin care

products and right colours in nail paints and lipsticks to suit your skin type and


I loved shopping shades of: ~Broadway #3 ~Mauve Like Me #16 ~Camel #4 ~Vamp #31 ~Love Happens #144 ~Dazzling Mauve #8 ~Zerky Turq #247 ~Fearless Red #218 ~Elegance #2 ~Poise #3 Happy Shopping !

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