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Athletic vibes in ARCTIC sneakers- Steve Madden !

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

I often bear in mind the beautiful quote by a Dominican Designer, Oscar de la Renta. So, thought of sharing it with you all. Here it is, “Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.”

I strongly deem the same and leave no stone unturned to bring Style and Fashion together.

Today, my blog is about one of my preferred looks that I had put on while I was on my trip to Egypt- the Land of the Pharaohs.

A crisp white shirt from Vero Moda - the brand that gives ample reasons to revamp the wardrobes with an ultramarine overlap belted dungarees from the label life.

Another most trending brand, with it, you are just a click away from the irresistibly comfortable signature pieces thoughtfully created to compliment varied body shapes. And all this without digging a hole in the pocket. Yesss!!!!

Now the most important one because I am a shoe lover.I believe that whenwe travel, our footwear should not decide how much we need to walk.Isn’t it right?? Has it ever happened that you had to cut short your walking or shopping because of the not so comfortable footwear? To be honest, It did happen with me not once but more. And that is why when it comes to comfort and style, this pair by Steve Madden tops my list. This pair embodies a thoughtful integration of glamour and grit.

Wearing thesuper comfortable lightweight shoes with a chic sporty look from Steve Madden’s new collection is like wearing my heart on my sleeve. Designed as per the latest trends to give the casual clothing an elevated feel, this pair can be clubbed with all kinds of outfits.

Don’t forget to make a note of my pretty petite transparent sling from Steve Madden which keeps me tension free about my essentials while I am on the go.

Carry this look and be ready to cruise through the fashion world.

Bag and shoes : @stevemadden

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