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Go Greece

This destination is known as one of the most beautiful places in the world and believe me!! I m not playing false!!

In this blog I will take you to Qatar and Greece !

so are you readyyyyyy!!

Come fellas!!

Tighten your seat belt and look out of the window ...

The day of my 2nd Wedding Anniversary.

The joys knew no bounds. Excitement at its top level. Why shouldn't it be???

It was our 2nd honeymoon trip.

And this time not only our kith and kin but also our beloved God had better plans. I loved the way, Dear God played hide and seek with us, wherein God made us WIN.

Yipppppooeeeeeee..... How??? Read ahead...

Doha was supposedly our first halt and unfortunately....No, No, No ..fortunately due to some internal reasons of the airlines, we missed the connecting flight .

Then what!!! We got an entire day to explore Doha ...Yeah gottcha!! The beautiful city in Qatar. Hence, Well begun is half did set the exotic mood for the rest of the vacay.

Now time to take a romantic turn to yearn the lovely hues of blues and whites...

Oh Yes!! it was the picturesque Greece.

A European country with almost two thousand islands .2000!!!!

The hyped islands of Santorini and Mykonos who are on everyone’s bucket list are worth every penny!!

Santorini is more like a dreamy place with narrow lanes , those cave-like hotels , crumbly cliffs, gorgeous sunsets and not to forget the cheeky donkeys.

One thing you can’t miss is watching sunset at Oia ,you can either find a spot in the town itself or book a table in one of the restaurants that overlook the town otherthan this Grab a tipple at Santo’s Winery and taste the best dry and wet vines also you can see the real Atlantis .

Not only this we covered some other beautiful islands too like Porous , Hydra and few more though they belonged to the same place but each island was different from the other .

Some even say Athens is the ugliest side of Greece. I can completely understand where is that coming from, it is really one of those love-hate travel destinations cos many streets are filled with decadent buildings as the most prominent feature of a country in crisis.

On the other hand, Beautiful heritage vibes at every corner, museums , charming cafés and shops convey the soul of one of the world’s oldest cities (about 3400 years old!).

Love it or hate it, it’s a one-of-kind place in Greece – I personally feel it deserves a visit.

What To Pack/ Take Along

For the cities

In Athens, the general attire is both casual and smart. Locals look effortlessly chic . You would find women in jeans, leggings, pants and short dresses (weather appropriate) but somehow I suggest if you are going for the local market tour , avoid revealing clothes as just like here even they have kind a mixed crowd .

Don’t forget to carry comfortable walking shoes !

Wearing- Marks & Spencer

Cape- Zara | Skirt- Promod | Shoes- Steve Madden | Bag- VictoriasSecret

For the outdoors:

Carry appropriate clothing for hikes in the countryside or mountains.

If hiking is on your mind, do carry good hiking shoes and layers of clothing.(jackets, wind-cheaters etc.) Layers for ease, you can take that off or put on while hiking.

Santorini :

For the islands: Carry cool breathable clothes- tank tops, shorts, swimwear, flowy dresses etc if you’re traveling in summers.

My major crush for these places are always long flowy dresses cos I find them least nosey and the most cozy.

For the evenings, you can carry elegant dresses, tops and skirts .

Don’t forget the beach essentials like hat , sunglasses, sunscreen , beach footwear , hair bands and some knickknacks !

My wardrobe had an amalgamation of different styles in varied price brackets.

It began from as low as ₹600 and went upto 20K.

So my friends, u have wide range of options...choose ,

add some oohs without the booze with the right shoes to fade away the blues and enjoy all the hues.

Hope you soon hv a trip to Greece, and remember my tips and me. Don't forget to tag me, I would love to hear your experience .

Do leave a comment, if you find it useful.

Stay connected!!

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